One of the most magical times of the year at Cairns Farm Estate is the arrival of spring and the beginning of lambing season. As the days grow longer and the air becomes warmer, the picturesque countryside surrounding our estate comes to life with the joyful sounds of newborn lambs frolicking in the fields.

📷 John Clark Photography

Graham Hamilton, the estate owner and dedicated farmer, is always excited to welcome these adorable new additions to the Cairns family. With the knowledge and experience gained from years of working on the estate, Graham is well-prepared for the challenges that lambing season brings. His passion and love for the animals are evident in the tender care he provides to both the ewes and their little ones.

The arrival of the lambs signals the start of a season filled with joy and happiness, as the Cairns Farm Estate transforms into a playground for these bundles of fluff. Their playful antics and heartwarming interactions with their mothers bring a sense of wonder and delight to everyone who visits the estate during this time.

As if the beauty of the surrounding landscape wasn’t enchanting enough, the presence of these adorable creatures adds an extra layer of charm to the atmosphere of the farm. Choosing Cairns Farm Estate for your summer wedding not only offers a stunning backdrop for your special day but also allows you and your guests to be surrounded by the heartwarming presence of our playful lambs. The combination of the estate’s natural beauty and the delightful energy of these little ones creates a truly unforgettable experience that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

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