Traditional Artistry

Designed for you, by artisans and craftsmen

A distinctive venue

Cairns Farm Estate ensures a personal wedding journey to impress your guests with our stylish event spaces. A stunning ceremony area, bespoke bar, beautiful dining and dancing and an outdoor venue terrace for drinks or a barbecue – all set against the backdrop of the stunning Pentland Hills.

Some might call this a barn venue. If it is, then it’s a really modern barn with features of stone, metal and wood combined with artist created pieces like bespoke fused glass windows, ultra modern lighting, sprung dance floor and a craftsman created ceremony table. Let’s call it modern Scottish, ideal to add your own style touches.

At Cairns Farm, love and community unite, creating an atmosphere of respect and celebration. The true magic lies in experiencing this special place for yourself. Come and be a part of the story at Cairns Farm Estate.

With sustainability at the heart of this venue, it was built with authenticity, craft and a passion for historical importance.

Below is the full detailed story of our build packed with interesting facts about materials, furniture and key pieces.

Highlights of the Cairns Farm Estate venue build

“The ceremony table is handmade onsite from the felled sycamore trees. It’s been designed by Chris @millarchitects in a ‘wing’ shape to represent the coming together of two people.”

“The fused glass windows are made locally by Scott @harmoniesinwood; a master craftsman in fused glass and wooden sculptures. He draws his inspiration from the light and colours of the Pentland Hills.”

“The stones used to build the Great Wall came from the original wall of the farm shed used to winter cattle and house over 200 ewes for lambing.”

“The silo was a eureka moment! Chris (the architect) saw the silo which is attached to the feed shed and said “Thats it! That’s how we get into the venue…through a silo.”

“The tables in the party room are handcrafted onsite using scots pine timber, first planted on the estate by great-grandfather William Hamilton 150 years ago.”

“The cushions are made locally by Juniper Green Furnishings, a family-run interior design and soft furnishings business, using Harris tweed wool.’