At Cairns Farm Estate, we have a wedding planning team dedicated to making your special day run smoothly.

Our Event Designer Alana Ross has over seven years of event planning experience under her belt. Along with her fellow event designers, Alana’s role is to work closely with couples to make sure every detail goes to plan.

Never ones to let a trend pass us by, we asked Alana what wedding details are currently in vogue. Here’s what she tells us couples are requesting for weddings in 2022 and 2023.


Long tables

Long banquet-style tables are having a moment. They lend themselves well to a sense of community and togetherness, something that we’ve all been missing in recent months.

Elongated tables make for a stylish reception: wooden tables can be dressed up or left bare for a more rustic look. Even with minimal decor, this elegant setup is Pinterest-worthy.

Long tables foster conversation, allowing guests to enjoy each other’s company and catch up after all this time spent apart.

When opting for this style, you can either split the tables into rows or go for a rectangular arrangement with all the tables connected, giving the happy couple an excellent view of all their guests.


Contemporary rustic décor

Rustic décor is a firm wedding favourite. But increasingly, couples are opting for a more sophisticated look.

The contemporary rustic style is all about creating a cohesive aesthetic with simple and subtle decorations.

Deep green glassware, mason jars with sprigs of baby’s breath and eucalyptus, and tall lanterns all give that rustic, naturalistic feel without creating a ‘homemade’ impression. This is a grown-up take on rustic that’s sure to impress.



Alana tells us that now more than ever, highly personalised touches are popular with couples tying the knot.

Bringing elements of the couples’ story into the ceremony and reception through photos, speeches and even games can help to make the wedding all the more meaningful for guests and couples alike.

Recently, Cairns Farm Estate couple Roslyn and Craig welcomed each guest to the venue with a Piña Colada, a drink they associate with their fondest holiday memories. This was a subtle but significant way to add a personal touch and involve guests in the couple’s story.


Longer celebrations

Increasingly, couples want to take more time out to celebrate their marriage. Rather than hosting a wedding over the course of just one afternoon, Alana is seeing more couples keen to spend time away with family and friends on either side of the wedding date.

At Cairns Farm Estate, our beautifully decorated farmhouse is suitable for 10 guests.

Special guests can spend the days before and after the wedding making use of the estate’s gorgeous grounds, home to the ivy-laden Cairns Castle a sparkling reservoir and acres of green farm and woodlands, set against a backdrop of the imposing Pentland Hills.

Additional catering like barbecues, afternoon teas, brunches and drinks can be arranged for both days. This helps couples to make the most of their celebrations and ensures they get to spend quality time with their loved ones.


Extra support

Alana notes that many Cairns Farm Estate couples are young professionals who lead busy lives and don’t have much time to plan every detail of their wedding day.

Many couples are looking for extra support with planning, from arranging suppliers to making sure things run smoothly on the day itself.

When you plan a wedding with us, you get access to experienced wedding planners and day-of coordinators like Alana at no extra cost. They’ll work with you to ensure every detail is in place, from guest lists to menus and decoration details, and everything in between.


What’s next?

While new wedding trends crop up each year, the most important thing is that your wedding is true to you.

What do you think; will you be embracing any of these wedding trends, or are you opting for something totally unconventional?

However you choose to celebrate, we’re here to support you. Explore Cairns Farm Estate or get in touch to learn about our pricing, packages and availability.




All images in this article were captured by Andrew Lynch. To get in touch or to find out more, head to his website, here.