When it comes to planning your wedding, don’t be like one of the 500 organic sheep on Cairns Farm Estate and follow the flock!  Plough your own furrow by having one with a difference at Cairns Farm on this historic estate in the Pentland Hills Regional Park, just 30 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh.


Here are a few of the reasons that we can make your wedding so memorable for both yourselves and your guests…


1. Cairns Farm has so many possibilities when it comes to decoration.  Unlike more formal venues you are in charge of the look; from incorporating favourite colours to creating a whole theme throughout the space.  When it comes to the interior, the world is your oyster; and if you are keen on those molluscs we can serve them to your guests.


2. The Pentland Hills Regional Park is an area of stunning beauty and Cairns Farm has the enviable setting at the edge of Harperrig Reservoir.  The Financial Times agree with us and described the region as “It is as if a curtain has opened on the most spectacular stage. The view extends eastwards across the Firth of Forth, northwards to the hills of Fife and westwards to the fertile landscape of central Scotland”.  Not far from the city but a million miles from urban life.


3. Photographs providing a precious memory of your day have the choice of stunning back-drops with the reservoir, the atmospheric ruins of the ivy encased Cairns Castle or the rolling hills which change throughout the year providing the best background of wonderful nature.


4. As Diana Ross sang, you can’t hurry love and the perfect wedding should be relaxed for everyone concerned.  There’s plenty of time to enjoy your celebrations with accommodation for 10 in the farmhouse as well The Keep, a romantic honeymoon place of privacy for the happy couple.


5. These days many couples want a more relaxed style of food instead of a three-course meal.  Hickory’s Culinary Director Brian Canale is on hand to work with you to provide the most delicious offerings for your guests.  Creating dishes with the most seasonable, sustainable and scrumptious ingredients, Brian can cater for all whether you want vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or a full-on carnivorous hog roast. Or a three-course meal if you wish.


A wedding at Cairns Farm Estate brings together the very best of Scotland – stunning landscapes, fresh produce and a warm welcome.  Why not bring your friends and family together here and we’ll create a very special day for everyone.





All images in this article are by the talented Zoë Brunner.